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                                 A search for the true nature of reality


 Nurturing Musical Imagination and Aesthetic Value

Batsheva art

The search for real beauty, in art, in people, in nature, and everywhere is an innate part of the human pursuit of fulfillment. It is however often undervalued and misunderstood as an exclusive privilege to artists alone. Musical study has the potential to develop a student’s sense of aesthetic value in the world of sonic imagination and awaken in them an urge to pursue the equivalent beauty in their everyday lives. For Judy Pang, this is the ultimate goal in her work as a teacher.

Judy Pang has been teaching for over a decade and has shared music with more than 100 students, both in individual piano instruction and in chamber music group settings.                                                         

                          (Image: Batsheva Moskowitz's artwork - winner of the recital program design competition 2014)  

Recent recital programs of her students:


                                                    Student Recital Program 2016


2016 Concert Program 2



                                                 Music and Poetry, Student Recital Program 2015

                                                                               April18th2015StudentRecitalProgramfortheweb page 001


                                                 Music and Art, Student Recital Program 2014

                                                                                           2014 Student Recital Program


                                                                                                                                                                                Contact her for more information about her lessons